What We Do


FARE is here to support the day to day, hands on, aspect of foster, adoptive, 

and kinship care for both the child and the foster families in response to 

and in anticipation of their needs.

How We Can Help

Tangible Goods


 Lice kits 

and mattress covers. 

Normalcy Grants


 Athletic, school, cultural, 

or educational programs 

Training Grants


 Anything over and above the 

needed licensing requirements.

Moments That Matter

Throughout the year we will be hosting/offering free or discounted trips, day excursions, and events that create opportunities for kids in care to experience making positive memories, relationship building, and simple fun in a time when they are expected to be so much more than the kids they are.  These are chances to show foster families our appreciation for the hard work they put into caring for the kids and the sacrifices they make for the children in their care. 

Past Events


Upcoming Events